The Kind Of Mindset Every Believer Should Have With God That Will Turn Their Life Around – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

During the Covenant Hour of Prayer, Bishop David Oyedepo preached a sermon on the kind of mindset we should have as we go about our service to God. He declared that one mindset we should have is the appointment mindset. We are on appointment by God, and every labourer will earn his pay.

He revealed that he has been on appointment for years now, and God has not failed to pay him once. To prove that God has not failed to pay him, he has never begged.

He explained that God would not pay people because they are leaders or general overseers, but he would pay people because they are servants and labourers, who actually do the work.

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He said that if, for example, you work in a company, and you retire, you will not be paid anymore. As labourers, we get paid daily. He declared that people who have worked more will get paid more, and you cannot compare the payment of someone, who has worked for a long time, to someone who just started.

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