The little things mean the most

It’s the Slightest Things That Can Make the Biggest Difference.

The modern society we live in is rife with amazing breakthroughs in technology, scientific understanding, and medical care. The things that are unseen by the naked sight but have existed ever since God made the heavens and the earth are continually expanding our understanding of the universe. Light’s subtle qualities, gravity’s inexorability, the existence of virtual particles, the strength of magnetic fields, and the presence of electrons are just a few instances of what we take for granted now but which were previously unknown to many. Even if we don’t fully grasp them, we recognize their significance in modern society.

God knew us before we were ever formed in our mother’s womb, but it doesn’t say anything about the existence of electrons, dark matter, or magnetic fields around us or the amount of cells in our body in the Bible (Psalm 139). Many of us would be overwhelmed by such a wealth of information. God knew and loved us, tiny as we were, the moment of our conception. You saw me in my unformed state, and it blew your mind. When there were no days yet to come, you had them all written down in Your book (verse 16). Small? It’s true, yet God doesn’t consider it to be of little consequence.

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The Bible also affirms that God is the Creator of everything, has unlimited resources, is always present, and knows everything there is to know about everything. Also, the Bible teaches us something vital about God’s character: he is love (1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:16). That’s why His mighty powers are cloaked in love. That indicates that He is aware of, and cares about, even the tiniest details of your life and the cosmos.

Jesus remarked, “the very hairs of your head are all counted,” a reference to the fact that God carefully keeps track of each one of us (Matthew 10:30). That’s impossible, right? The movement of the cosmos and solar systems is so vast that it begs the question: how does God know the number of hairs on your head? To address your inquiry, I will say the following: In God’s eyes, everything is of equal importance. To Him, they are all equivalent in significance and worth.

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That goes against the grain of our conventional wisdom. There are both major and minor events happening in our lives at any given time. Our sense of what is large and what is tiny influences how we set priorities. However, I can’t imagine that God is like that. As an illustration of how our narrow viewpoint shapes our thinking, consider the invisible features of the environment that allow us to exist as we do. In many ways, our senses—sight, sound, touch, and smell—conform us to a faulty understanding of life both here and in the afterlife. We put faith in our senses. God, however, has a view that surpasses our own finite comprehension. With His boundless knowledge and insight, everything in the universe, including your own existence at this precise moment, is significant to God.

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To better grasp the immensity of God’s love for you, consider Isaiah 55:8-9, which reminds us that our minds and God’s are fundamentally different. We may put our faith in His wisdom, benevolence, and design for our life since they surpass our own. It would be simple to think we don’t matter in God’s everlasting plan, yet we do.

God does not think or act the way we do; to him, both big and little things are important.

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