“The Miraculous Thing That Happened to Three Ladies Who Took My Plate of Chicken And Finished It” – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Founder of Redeem Christian of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye shared a story of the miraculous thing that happened to three ladies who took his plate of chicken and ate it.

He said,

“Let me share this story with you: I was invited by someone to dinner one time. When I got there, we all sat at the dinning table; myself, the young man, his wife and four girls. The wife of the fellow was a very good cook; she served me a very big leg of chicken, and it was very delicious. 

In no time, I had started chewing the bones; then she asked me, ‘would you want some more?’ I said, ‘Well, if you don’t mind.’ She brought another big leg of chicken. 

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While I was feasting on it, the young man, who was by my side, coughed to call my attention; while I turned, one of the girls took the plate of chicken and raced off, others followed her.

They went to the kitchen and ate it – all four of them.

They probably must have said in their mind that if we let him, he’ll finish this second leg again.

After three months of that visit, I heard their testimonies. Three of the girls who had been trusting God for a life partner got married! The other one who has been trusting God for a huge promotion, got it; in fact, the promotion came before the marriage of the other three.n

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