“The Miraculous Thing That Happened When A Virgin Lady With HIV Danced Before The Lord At 3:00am

The General Overseers of Living Faith Chapel a.k.a Winners Bishop David Oyedepo on a live-streamed Monday Covenant Hour Of Prayers shared a message to the public.

According to him while speaking he said “There was a virgin lady who was confirmed HIV positive. Speaking further he said “Wicked devil! She praised God in the middle of the night and also danced around the Tabernacle by 3 am and then made it a project. 

Speaking further he said “the lady did it again another Sunday night. Fortunately enough for her, someone showed up and pulled something out of her thigh. Guess what was that? It was not viruses or bacteria, it was ‘devilteria’. The devil puts that in her to torment and frustrates her life.

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He then continues by saying “Anyone who woke up in the morning and can not see, it is the devil, not bacteria. He further continues by saying “Most of the oppressions we are facing today are as a result devil’s work. 

And then if we don’t give it spiritual treatment we won’t come out of it. Therefore, Spiritual treatment is key to clearing all oppressions of the devil. So take it seriously. 

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