The Names Some People Bear, Could Be A background for an occultic base plaguing their Life – Pastor D.K Olukoya 

Dr. Dk Olukoya, the founder and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries has taken to his verified Facebook page to share a video of a message about names and some mysterious facts on how they affect people’s lives.

According to the cleric, from 34:00 of the video, he has revealed the need for believers to do a spiritual checkup and research their names. The origin of your name could be a background for an occultic base plaguing your life. Your name could have a root in the problem that you do experience in life.

As stressed by the cleric, names are very important to God and satan. By the time you carry out thorough research about your name, you might later discover it is the source of your afflictions.

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Some names have demonic attachments on which the enemy holds on to afflict people’s lives. Careful research on your name could take you to the base or origin of the name where you can prayerfully destroy every power holding on to your life through the name.

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