The Only Reason Why As A Believer You Should Want And Desire For More Money – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder of Eternity Network International spoke to his members at Koinonia on ‘What Seekest Thou?’ (PART B).

According to Church Gist, standing before God and speaking to the whole world, he sincerely revealed that this work Koinonia, he loves it passionately with all his heart and for as long as God grants him breath, he will keep driving and thriving to give his very best. “But Koinonia can be shut down this night if God says so and believe me, I’ll go and rest the restfulness of a successful person because my success is not derived in these things,” he said. He then advised Men of God to give themselves rest because this “must make it” is killing people. It’s good to be excellent but let us be careful.

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Speaking further, he said that most times people see the enormous work that God is doing and they feel that, “ah Apostle, you must be thinking; your head is going left and center.” “That’s not me, you are joking and don’t know me. I’m busy but I’m not busy doing many things. I plan to live a successful and effective life,” he said. He then advised that you rest because the real estate will come, but not by worrying (Matthew 6:25-33). Worrying does not add anything, it only takes everything. Worry is a devourer; it will come and take what is there that you do not know that is there. You may not have anything but God has given you health and if you allow worrying, it will take the health that is remaining.

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He then explained that the only thing that should necessitate your continually wanting to attract more money is the building of the Lord’s house and Kingdom assignment. He said that no matter how greedy you are if it is for your personal comfort, there is an exact arithmetic limit of money that when you have as a Christian, you can live as lavish as you want to live, you will still not exhaust it. If you want more, Kingdom work must be the basis for it. “But if it is just to fuel your lust and to try to give you security, you are wasting your time,” he said.

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