“The Rate of Abortion May Rise if Churches Continue to Refuse to Wed Pregnant Brides” – Nairaland Founder Seun Osewa Says

Nairaland founder, Seun Osewa has revealed the potential danger of a rise in abortion if the current trend of churches refusing to wed pregnant brides continues.

Seun launched the internet forum (Nairaland) in March 2005, which was projected as the biggest African forum by Forbes. YNaija listed him as one of the most innovative Nigerians in technology.

Seun is a very successful online entrepreneur and a very private person. He was born and raised in Sango Ota Ogun State Nigeria. 

While commenting on the trend of churches refusal to wed pregnant brides, he argued that once a pregnant bride can seek for forgiveness from God, then the church shouldn’t hesitate in performing her marriage rites.

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See what he Tweeted below; 

Today I learned that if a woman is to be married in a church, she must pass a pregnancy test just before the wedding.

This means that a woman who accidentally gets pregnant before her church wedding MUST have an ABORTION to prevent her wedding from being cancelled.Disgusting!!!

Churches don’t intend to promote abortion, but abortions are an inevitable consequence of that policy.

If a would-be bride gets pregnant but she has asked God for forgiveness, no man should prevent her from having a church wedding. She is pure in God’s eyes. Washed by the blood.

I’ve learned that in some churches, a pregnant couple can have a “Blessing of Marriage” instead of the white church wedding that every young lady & her parents dream of. This is as attractive as having a nun yell “shame. shame. shame. 🔔” at your wedding.

People are saying pregnant brides deserved to be punished because actions have consequences. Well, I am saying that shaming women for getting pregnant has consequences too. There will be more abortions. Any entity that punishes women for getting pregnant is promoting abortion.

I didn’t anticipate that the original tweet would blow up like this. I regret the use of the words “MUST” & “Disgusting” which caused many people to take it the wrong way & be defensive.

I urge all churches to allow repentant pregnant women to get married to prevent abortions.

See his Tweet,

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