The Reason Why Someone Sent Me A Text Message That He Won’t Be Attending My Vigil – Pastor Apostle Reveals

According to Evang. Agochukwu, someone sent him a message that he wouldn’t be attending his vigil because of the invited guest artist.

He said that he is not the only one who complains about the guest artist, but his media team also brought to his notice someone who wrote on Facebook, “Nice program, wrong guest artist.”

Evang Agochukwu reacted when he wrote, “Stop that.” He posed a question: Who is a man to tell God who he should use to bless his people?

If God can use a donkey to speak to the Apostle Paul, a dirty, awkward animal raven to feed Elijah, a prostitute to clean Christ’s feet, and so on, then there is no one God cannot use.

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Evang Agochukwu said that there is no sinner without a future and there is no saint without a past.

He said the artiste he invited has asked God for forgiveness and now his songs are blessing lives, and more so, he heard from God clearly that he should invite him.

He finally asked people to stop judging people who have made it right with God.

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