The Reply I Gave To A Pastor Who Called Me Aside And Told Me I Have Spoilt Business For Pastors – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals

Nigerian gospel preacher, Dr. Abel Damina, founder and senior pastor of Power City International, has in a live video on his verified Facebook account a few minutes ago, disclosed what he said to a Ghanaian pastor who called him and told him he had spoiled business for pastors.

Pastor Damina said that a pastor from Ghana called him within the week and said, “Pastor Damina, you have spoiled the entire business for pastors.” Pastor Damina said he replied that he had just started.

According to the pastor, a pastor from Nigeria visited Ghana and was lamenting that Pastor Damina’s teachings had contributed to Christians not giving. Pastor Damina said he replied that it is not his teaching that made Christians stop giving, but his teachings open the eyes of Christians to know the right way to give.

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Pastor Damina said the pastor who called him told him that he was a secret student of his teachings and he agreed with what he was teaching, but what did he suggest pastors do now to sustain the church finances?

Pastor Damina said he told him that every preacher of the gospel would have to look for a business, a source of sustenance, and stop depending on tithes and offerings.

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