“The shocking thing that happened When a lady I proposed to, told her pastor About me” – Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi reveals 

Pastor at Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi reveals the shocking thing that happened when a lady he proposed to, told her pastor about him.

See what he said,

When I was getting set to marry, I proposed to a young beautiful lady at Oke Ira Ogba, under Ifako Local Government. At first this lady was happy but when she told her Pastor about me, the Pastor asked which one of the Segun? The lady mentioned my name and the Pastor said no you can’t marry to people like him, not when I am still alive. 

I am very popular at Oke Ira, this Pastor invited this lady’s parent for a meeting and told them not give their daughter to me in marriage. In shock, they asked him why, and he said, #Segun #Iberu doesn’t have a future, He can’t speak good English, he was an ex convict, He cannot afford to rent a house he stays inside the church, there is no place he will go to minister that he will not mess up. He doesn’t have any direction. His ministry is not even moving well.

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This lady’s parent called and warned me to desist from their daughter, they even called the woman I was working with then to warn me to stay away from their daughter. The Pastor was right, his opinion about me was my current reality then, even I myself was afraid of myself for the kind of life I was living. It was as if I was possessed or someone bewitched me the way I was behaving but today nko? I am giving all the Glory to the One who knows tomorrow from today.

I failed so many times, I made alot of mistakes and errors in this journey but God is not a man, He gave me a second chance and many other chances that I failed, now He has blessed my labour, I am paying people’s salary today, his blessing was so evident that He gave me my own cars and I have my own house. This lady heard about what God is doing in my ministry and she came to my church last week Sunday begging me to give her a chance in my life and that her Pastor is under my district today while I am his Supritendent.

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Beloved, people will write you off today when you make mistakes they think that is your end. The most important thing is DON’T GIVE UP and DON’T MIND THEM! It doesn’t matter how many times you have fall or fail. Rise and keep on going onikaluku loni ti e lara (everybody have their own problem within themselves that they’re not telling you) including those who are making jest of you, even their own is worse than yours.

There is still hope for you, that dead situation will spring back to life again says the Lord! Job 14:7-9. If I tell you how many times I have failed and if God can still showed me mercy that means Your case is not closed! You will have a testimony! You will get your miracle job! You will be connected to your life partner! You will get your baby in Jesus Name! 

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Where are those who mocked me then? It doesn’t matter who have mocked you, God will cause you to laugh in the open beginning from now! What is that situation that seems hopeless? That case that has been closed concerning you, with the word of God, I announce to you that you will laugh before this month is over! As you say amen, you will have a testimony immediately in Jesus’ Name!

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