The Southern Baptist Committee kicks out a church because it supports homosexuality

A church that affirms homosexuality has been disfellowshipped by the Southern Baptist Committee.

Two congregations were disfellowshipped on Tuesday by the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. One of the churches was disfellowshipped because of its position on homosexuality.

Both College Park Baptist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, for its “open affirmation, approval, and endorsement of homosexual behavior,” and Amazing Grace Community Church in Franklinville, New Jersey, for its “lack of cooperation demonstrated… to resolve concerns regarding alleged discriminatory behavior,” were recommended for disfellowship by the Credentials Committee, and the Executive Committee agreed. Baptist Press, the Southern Baptist Convention’s official news agency, broke the story of the vote first.

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Jared Wellman, chairman of the Executive Committee, informed Baptist Press that the Credentials Committee had concluded that these congregations were not in fellowship with Southern Baptists. “That was considered by the Executive Committee in private and approved.”

The website for College Park Baptist proclaims the church to be “welcoming, LGBTQIA embracing.”

The website proclaims, “Our LGBTQ-friendly church includes numerous LGBTQ members, as well as gay/lesbian pastors, deacons, and employees.” There are many people who come to us after having been hurt by the Bible in other churches because we conduct same-sex marriages and accept them with open arms.

Christian opposition to “all kinds of sexual immorality,” including “adultery, homosexuality, and pornography,” as stated in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, the SBC’s statement of belief.

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In 2012, messengers at the SBC voted a resolution reading, “We express our love to individuals who suffer with same-sex desire and who are active in the gay lifestyle.” We reject all forms of homophobia, including but not limited to verbal attacks, written condemnations, and physical assaults on anyone who choose to express their sexual orientation in a non-conforming manner. We, as Southern Baptists, urge other Baptists to think about how they and their churches may provide compassionate, redemptive ministry to those who are struggling with homosexuality. … That individuals who repent and put their faith in Christ may have their sins forgiven is the message we preach.

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