The Statement “Givers Never Lack” Is A Lie And I Do Not Agree – Reno Omokri Shares Why

Activist, Author, and Preacher Reno Omokri has taken to his verified Facebook page to share what he thinks about The Proverb That Says “Givers Never Lack” he says such a statement Is A Lie, As A Giver should learn to Set Boundaries”

According to him, being generous is a good thing but when it becomes over, it will do more harm than good to you. Speaking further, he affirms that the preaching that talks about givers don’t seem to lack anything is false as he advises that you put a boundary on how you give.

Adding that those who like taking do not have any form of reservation whatsoever because they prefer the lifestyle of receiving until the giver goes broke. According to him, he said when that happens, they tend to look for the next victim without being grateful because they seem to feel it is their right.

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He further stated that someone who seems to lack the wisdom in giving might end up begging at the end of the day. Adding that the word of God did not say that being a giver will be profitable to you rather it says when you have wisdom.

In conclusion, he said that a lot of individuals will never recall the number of times you seem to have sacrificed for them instead they will rather keep an inventory of a moment you were unable to give them.

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