Episode 1
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

Two little boys were fighting over a piece of cooked meat in the school where Sade is a teacher and she ran to them and separated the fight.
“Why are you fighting, don’t you know that children of God don’t fight?” she asked holding them side by side as she stood in between them looking from the boy at her right hand to the one at her left.
“Tell him to give me my meat” the younger boy protested pointing at his opponent.
“It’s not his meat. It’s for the two of us” the older boy shouted back in defense.
“You are lying, both of us can’t own one meat. Our mother can never make such mistake. You collected my meat because you are older than me” the younger boy explained almost crying.
“Sister, don’t mind her o, share the meat between the two of us or else none of us will eat it” the older boy said arrogantly and she turned to look at the younger boy to know if the idea is accepted by him and the boy grudgingly nodded in the positive.
“This thing you are doing will get you into trouble one day I promise you” the younger boy said almost crying as he pointed at his brother.
Sade calmed the younger boy, and collected the meat. She made to use her two hands to divide it but the meat was a half done and so became very difficult for her to tear with her fingers. She bent to face the two boys who were already standing before her and said,
“The meat is difficult to cut with my hands can I used my teeth?” She asked searching their eyes for answers and the they agreed. Sade began to cut the meat with her teeth and the boys suddenly began to cry and shout.
“Ah! Ah! You have eaten the meat! you ate the meat! Ah!” They cried and she became shocked.
“I didn’t eat the meat, I’m only trying to cut it for you” she explained trying to calm their uproars. But they would not hear it as they increased the tempo of their voices in fierce protests. Soon, people gathered them round to know what the reason for the uproars.
“I didn’t eat the meat, I only cut it for them with my teeth because the meat was too difficult to cut” Sade explained innocently to the onlookers but they just stood there looking at her with the meat in her hands.
“It’s a lie, you ate the meat!” The two boys shouted and the onlookers started shouting her down and accusing her of eating the boys’ meat. She tried defending herself but no one believed her and she began to cry as she was made a public shame.
“If you didn’t eat the meat, why did you go to the extent of cutting the meat with your teeth. Don’t you know that the juice in the meat is the real thing in the meat?” Some people in the crowd asked her but all her explanations fell on deaf ears. They began to throw negative words at her and she began to weep loudly until she woke up from her dream still crying…

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To be continued

Episode 2
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

She woke crying from her dream and fear gripped her heart.
“What a terrible dream!” she said in a whisper to avoid waking her roommate who was fast asleep.
“Cutting meat with my teeth in the dream?” Deep in thoughts, she asked nobody in particular as she lay flat on the bed and rested her jaws on her hands which were crossed interchangeably on the pillow.
“But, why would those boys accuse me of eating the meat even when they both agreed I share it with my teeth? I was disgraced in that dream and no one even believed me. Lord, What could this dream mean ?” She wondered as she focused her eyes on the blank television set as if she was watching a movie.
“Ah! Ah! Accusing spirit” she sat up meditatively with her first two fingers on her lips.
“Some people are planning to accuse me wrongly for what I did not do” she said, then continued.
“And this must be coming from my school.” She concluded.
” It’s been a long time my enemies in that school have been planning to implicate me but God would not allow them to succeed. He has exposed their plans to me again and I’m going to pray against every wrong accusations they might be planning against me. It shall not stand,neither shall it come to pass..” She said and began to pray. She prayed in her knowledge, casting and binding, and asked the Lord to disgrace those that are plotting against her in her place of work. She tried praying silently so that she would not disturb her roommate but when she started praying in tongues , she forgot herself and began to pray very loud and in no time, her roommate woke up and tapped her to lower her voice. She lowered her voice and prayed for another 40 minutes before her 5:30 alarm rang for morning devotion. But she decided to pray through instead of her usual way of reading Our Daily Manner and the bible,followed by prayers.
When she opened her eyes and checked the clock in her phone, it was already few minutes to 7am, so she hurriedly concluded her prayers and dashed into the bathroom to brush her teeth and then take her bath.
She had wanted taking tea and bread before going to work but because of the dream she had,she declared a three days fast for herself starting from that morning. Just when she was done wearing her three quart gown, her roommate woke up from the bed and murmured a brief prayer.
“Good morning sister Yemisi” she greeted her roommate who was walking towards the toilet looking moody.
“Good morning Sade” she replied without looking back.
“Am already off to work. Leave the dirty plates for me, I will wash them when I comes back from school” she said with a loud voice in order for Yemisi to hear her well.
“Bye” she responded from the toilet and Sade dashed out of the room and hastened her steps to the bus stop where she would board a bus to her place of work.
After standing at the bus stop for about 4minutes, a loaded bus with just two vacant seats, passed and she halted it and entered.
“Am dropping at Badmus junction o, how much ?” she said and the conductor told her the price and she breathed down and then relaxed back on her seat.
“Better o, because me I can’t fight this early morning o” she said looking at the next passenger who smiled at her. He was an average young man with cute dimples when he smiles and she noticed it at a glance.
“You can’t fight abi? ” he asked laughing and she joined him to laugh.
“Yes na, all these conductors like fight more than food o” she said and they both started laughing.
“Don’t worry, I will fight for you” he said calmly and she smiled and thanked him.
“It’s seems you’re a teacher in Badmus International schools” the young man said and she nodded in the affirmative.
“That’s lovely. It’s a big school with good standards and it’s almost operating like a government school ” the young man said and she shook her head with pride. From there, they began to discuss other things ranging from bad government to the Christian community, it was then that Sade realized the young man was a serious Christian from the way he analyzed so many things about the Christian faith using many Bible references. She loves God and everyone who love the Lord, so this young man was no doubt one of them. As the bus was getting close to the junction where she would drop, she asked him what church he attends and was overjoyed when she found out that he was a member of the same church with her, except that he was a member in another branch. They quickly exchanged phone numbers and she alighted the bus. The young man asked her not to pay that he will take care of her fare. She thank him with a smile and began to run towards the school gate.
On reaching the school compound, the bell for morning assembly rang. She rushed over to the teachers’ attendance register to put down her name and time of arrival and came face to face with the vice principal who gave her a devious look before walking away. He had previously asked her to marry him and she refused, stating that she cannot marry a man who is not born again and since then Mr Afolabi began to seek occasions to implicate her in order to make her lose her job in that school. But Sade on her own part made sure that she did everything required of her in that school perfectly and at the right time, this made it very difficult for him to carry out his evil plots against her. He always gave her that devious look each time he expected her to come late or do something wrong but gets disappointed.
Sade greeted him but he didn’t respond, so she walked up to the register and signed in her arrival then walked out.
After the morning assembly, the class lessons commenced immediately and she made sure that she covered all her scheme for that day. When the bell for closure rang, she led her pupils in prayers and waited for the last child to leave the class before leaving. As she was arranging her bag to leave the class, her phone rang. She looked into the phone screen to know who was calling but the number was not saved in her phone, she slid the green color symbol on her smart phone to the right and placed the phone on her Left ear.

    " Hello,"She said at the same time with the caller on the other end, then continued,
  "Who am I speaking with please?" She asked trying hard to recollect the voice but couldn't.
    "It's bro Kehinde, the brother you met in the bus this morning on your..." the caller explained.
  "Oh! Okay! Am sorry I forgot to save your number this morning because I was rushing to beat lateness.." She explained and brother Kehinde  responded almost immediately,
  "It's okay, I understand.." 

To be continued

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Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.


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