The Terrible Thing That Happened To A Woman After She Prayed For Our Ministry – Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals

In a recent post on his official Facebook page, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye spoke about “Standing Before Your Enemies” and revealed that when a single household witch is troubling a whole family and a child of God is running around from pillars to posts because of the outrage of the witch, it is because something is wrong somewhere and it is not the will of God. He then told a story of something that happened some time ago.

He said that a woman had met his wife in a shop and had greeted her well with great excitement. She said she had wanted to meet her and tell her something very important and said that she saw him one day driving along the way and she wave to me to greet him, but he did not see her. 

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Then, in the evening, she was moved to begin to pray for them and their ministry. In the night as she slept, she saw some devilish figures coming to her to challenge her for praying for them. She said that those evil beings said they hated them and she was not supposed to pray for us.

The cleric then revealed that those were some of the spiritual enemies of what they stand for. They hate them and the gospel movies they are making; they dislike them with a passion, but, the Lord is with them as a terrible one. “When you are serving the Lord with fear and trembling, the Lord takes charge of your enemies, while you take care of the work of God,” he said.

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