The Terrible Things Bishop David Oyedepo Faced When His Ministry Was Still in The Northern Part of Nigeria – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) Pastor Paul Enenche while preaching on day 3 of the KPGWC programm disclosed what Bishop David Oyedepo faced while his ministry was still located in the northern part of Nigeria.

While speaking he said “When Papa Oyedepo came to the North, the North had no form. He was persecuted for saying that you can anoint someone with oil. They said Bottle of oil? It’s occultic, it’s demonic. It’s a blood-sucking church.”

He suffered all manner of things! Now people are ministering in Kaduna. They don’t know what Kaduna was before. What the north was at that time. Therefore In every country, there are people like that.

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Speaking further he said “Livingstone labored in Southern Central Africa. Buried his heart in Zambia. We entered their labors! And all that is requested of us is not to labor that type of labor anymore, but to just step in glory and we have not.

Speaking lastly he said “The painful thing is that with their labor, they saw very drastic things that the current-day church has not even tasted, not to talk of something higher.

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