The Troubles Going On In Nigeria Is Not Solely Because Of The Leaders But As A Result Of An Altar


Apostle Joshua Selman of Koinonia Ministry has shared a message on why there are so many challenges in nations around. In a video the cleric has revealed that the kind of trouble that nations are in, in Nigeria or other African countries is the effect of an altar. 

This does not have anything to do with who is in power or who keeps taking over from anyone in power, it is a result of a longstanding altar, that has been in existence for a long.

As stressed by the cleric, severally, people would have been tired of some situations they are going through and would have had the mind to make a change in their society through their leadership but they would just realize that they tried but the same thing as they had witnessed in the past continues.

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As shared by the cleric, in buttressing the fact of spiritual altars that controls the order of things, both in positive and negative ways, he has drawn an example from the scripture about the altar that Abraham reared up to God in Bethel, many years after, after Abraham had died, his grandson, Jacob came and slept at the exact location of the altar. From there, Jacob dreamt and saw the ordinances in charge of the altar. 

Some angels were ascending and descending upon a great ladder that stretched from heaven to the earth. That was the altar, that remained in existence since Abraham reared it up to God. The same thing also applies to any area that has an existing altar.

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According to the cleric, the altars are always active, they dictate and control the orders of things from the spiritual realm. It takes the grace of God to be delivered from the altars controlling the order of things in any nation or any life.

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