The Untold Creation Story

the untold creation story
the untold creation story

The Bible’s account of the creation of the universe has already been read or heard by BILLIONS of people. The 3,500-year-old story begins with the well-known sentence, “In the beginning, God who created the heavens and the earth.”

Many people, however, are unaware that Christendom’s leaders, including so-called creationists and fundamentalists, have spun the Bible account of creation into numerous tales that deviate from what the Bible actually says. These interpretations contradict scientific fact. Despite the fact that those stories are not found in the Bible, they have led some to dismiss the biblical account as a mythical allegory.

The true Bible story of creation has largely gone unnoticed. This is unfortunate, because the Bible provides a very logical and credible explanation for the origin of the universe. Furthermore, that explanation is consistent with scientific discovery. Yes, you may be pleasantly surprised by the Bible’s untold creation story!


The Bible’s account of creation is predicated on the existence of a Supreme Being, Almighty God, who created all things. Who is he, and what is his personality like? The Bible reveals that he is not like the deities of popular culture and mainstream religion. He is the Creator of all things, but most people are unaware of him.

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God is a person, a unique person. He is not a personalityless, impersonal force that is wandering aimlessly across space. He has goals, emotions, and thoughts.

God is supremely powerful and wise. This explains the intricate design that can be found throughout creation, particularly in living things.

All material things were made by God. Therefore, he cannot be composed of natural substances that he has produced. He has a spiritual, or nonphysical, nature instead.

Time has no bearing on God’s existence. He has existed and will continue to exist forever. As a result, nobody created him.

The Bible references God by his own name thousands of times. Jehovah is that name.

Humans are loved and cared for by Jehovah God.


According to the Bible, God made “the heavens and the earth.” This generalization, however, makes no mention of the amount of time required to create the universe or the techniques he employed to mold it. What about the widely held notion among creationists that God created the cosmos over the course of six exact 24-hour days? This idea is based on a glaring misinterpretation of the biblical account and is universally rejected by scientists. Take a look at what the Bible actually says.

Fundamentalists and creationists who assert that the creative days were actual 24-hour days are not supported by the Bible.

The word “day” is used repeatedly in the Bible to refer to different lengths of time. These durations can occasionally be of an arbitrary length. One illustration of this is the genesis story found in the Bible’s book of Genesis.

Each of the six creative days described in the Bible could have lasted for a very long time.

By the start of the first creative day, God had already created the cosmos, including a lifeless Earth.

Evidently, Jehovah God prepared the earth for human habitation over the course of six lengthy days.

Science’s findings on the age and the biblical story of creation are not at odds.


evolution’s theoretical process

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The idea that living things evolved from lifeless molecules through unknowable and mindless processes is widely accepted by non-Bible believers. A self-replicating, bacteria-like organism is said to have arisen at some point and slowly branched out into all the species that exist today. This would suggest that, in the end, the astonishingly complex human actually descended from germs.

Many people who assert to accept the Bible as the word of God embrace the theory of evolution as well. They hold that after creating the initial burst of life on earth, God merely watched and perhaps even guided the evolution. However, the Bible doesn’t mention that.

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Charles Darwin and the British biologist Alfred Russel Wallace agreed on the theory of evolution by natural selection in the middle of the nineteenth century. However, it is believed that even this well-known evolutionist declared: “For those with eyes to see and minds trained to reflect, in the minutest cells, in the blood, in the whole planet, and throughout the stellar universe… there is intelligent and conscious direction; in a word, there is Mind.”

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