There are a lot of pastors today who are trying to preach more about giving than salvation and other profitable teachings, This Is What God Will Do To Them – Apostle Michael Orokpo Reveals

There are a lot of pastors today who are trying to preach more about giving than salvation and other profitable teachings. They are focused on the business aspect of ministry thereby giving less attention to the most important things. However, Apostle Michael Orokpo has a message for these categories of preachers.

He said that any preacher who asks you to give so that you will prosper is a scammer. According to him, everybody prospering in the kingdom has something to do and when you have nothing to do, you make it difficult for God to bless you. There is no spirit that can prosper a man who is doing nothing. He said that we have a generation of people today who just lock themselves up in the cave and pray in tongues after 8 months, they come out to become fake pastors and scammers.

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This is because no matter how spiritual they are, they cannot deny the fact that they need cloth to wear and something to eat. And when they can no longer get those things, they close their eyes, lie that an angel is speaking to them, and extort people. “You are a terrible thief and if you don’t repent, the wrath of God will come upon you because you are bringing reproach to the name of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Using himself as an example, he said that he has also worked very hard. According to him, with a master’s degree, he was teaching in a school and was ending N25,00. With that, he was not begging for money as he was able to pay for his transport fee, take care of himself, and even register for a Ph.D. where he was also teaching in the Bible School. He also said that he has lands that he bought from his savings and when the prices go up, he will sell them. In fact, Paul the Apostle was also a tentmaker.

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