“There are some churches, that will not bury a member who passes away because the person refused to do this – Bishop David Oyedepo reveals

In some churches that I know, there are dues members most pay besides their weekly offerings and tithes. I don’t know how it is done in the orthodox churches, but I feel like it makes sense. After all, some clubs charge monthly levies on their members, and although the church is not a club, it’s a social organisation. How will you show you support the work they are doing, if your money is not in it? What is wrong is when they begin to restrict you from enjoying certain privileges if you do not pay.

Bishop David Oyedepo talked about churches that behave in such a manner. In a sermon, he said that there are some churches, who will not bury a member who passes away, until that member pays all that he or she “owes” the church.

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“They will make sure your children pay, if not, they will not bury you,” the Bishop said as the congregation burst into laughter.

He declared that all these things are not necessary, and they are only religion. He told his congregation to give only as they are able, and not because they are forced to give in the first place.

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