“There Is A Plague Of This Disease Ravaging The Earth” – Pastor Faith Oyedepo Reveals Why People Must Flee From Sexual Immorality

Pastor Faith Oyedepo posted on her social media profile on the need why people should avoid sexual sin.

She said that there is a plague of HIV ravaging the nations of the Earth, for instance, and it is largely a product of the sin of sexual immorality; more terrible diseases will still emerge. That is why you must flee from every sin, it has the ability to make you a cheap victim of Sickness. This is a very important information and it gives a clear reason why we need to stay away from sin.

Also, God hates sin and iniquity in every form. It will definitely deny you a place in heaven so you need to avoid it. And if you have fallen into sin, you need to ask God for forgiveness now before it is too late. He is always ready and willing to accept you.

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