“There is Someone Here Kind of Prophecy is Cool, But You Need to Discern” – Pastor Emmanuel Iren Urges Believers to Discern Every Prophecy Given to Them

Pastor of Celebration Church International (CCI) headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, Pastor Iren has urged Christians not to be carried away, but rather discern whenever a prophecy is being given.

He believes that once a Christian is well grounded on the scripture, they can’t easily be swindled by fake prophecies which is rampant in the world today.

See his tweet below,

“The “There’s someone here” kind of Prophecy is cool. I’m privileged to operate in that too. But there is yet bigger discerning to do. Interesting times are upon us. 

“Discern! Small doctrinal squabbles can waitOpen your eyes and see.

See his post below;

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