These Are The Three (3) Categories Of People You Will Find In Every Ministry – Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder of Eternity Network International spoke to his members at Koinonia. However, the man of God then explained three categories of people you will find in every ministry and church. They are

1. The General Participants

According to him, these include well-wishers, fans and those who communicate goodwill towards the man of God and towards the vision. There is no commitment whatsoever but they like the idea that is being proposed by that ministry. And if and when situation provides the opportunity, they do not mind receiving from that vision. They like the idea and celebrate from afar what God is doing wishing the vision and the visioneer well.

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2. Those Who Are Connected By Covenant Revelation

They include members and all those who are domicile within that territory. There is a deeper level of commitment from this group of people and they are very intentional about receiving and that they will not miss out on anything that God is doing. Every time they set of people come they are coming for a meeting organised by a man of God, they are coming to be blessed but they do not see themselves as part of the vision necessarily. They are connected but are largely connected only to receive.

3. The Pillars

They are pillars behind the vision, the man of God and their participation is not just to receive. When you mention the name of the ministry, they will answer because for them they are not coming to church, they are not coming to hear from the man of God but they are active participants of that vision. You are committed not only to receiving but to making everything possible for that vision to stand, thrive and remain.

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