These Are The Type Of People That Will Go To Hell – Pastor Shina Ayomi Reveals

Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi of Christ Apostolic Church has taken to his official Facebook page to share some messages about hell. The cleric has in his message revealed the type of people that will make it to hell.

According to the cleric, no matter how well placed you might be in Christendom, and also no matter how long you might have served in the vineyard of the Lord, those qualities do not guarantee you heaven nor could exclude you from hell. Hell is reserved especially for those that are deeply rooted in their sinfulness without repenting and changing their ways. According to the cleric, those that shall go to hell are those that are not living holy lives.

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As shared by the cleric, those who obtain riches by trick, those that are engrossed in immoral activities, those that tell lies, those that are into hard drugs, those that keep malice, those that backbite and fight and several other besetting sins are deemed to be partakers in the judgement of hell.

There are so many clerics today, what they teach in their churches are heresy and anti-gospel messages. Be not distracted to be confused by them. They draw people daily into hell with their distracting and misleading messages. Let the Holy Spirit guide you into the denomination you are to worship.

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The cleric in his words has also revealed that God is never happy in your destruction—hell fire is not meant for you but if you end up your life there, you caused it by yourself.

Source: Opera News

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