They Tried To Convince Me To Share The Same Platform With Pastor Paul Enenche In A Crusade, But I Said No – Apostle Selman Reveals Why

Popular Nigerian Televangelist and Founder of the Eternity Network International (ENI), Apostle Joshua Selman while preaching the gospel to the congregation revealed how he showed honour to Dr Paul Enenche during a campus crusade some months back. The Apostle was speaking on humility and he used his encounter with Dr Paul Enenche as an example of pure humility. In his own words…

“I once attended a crusade alongside God’s servant Dr Paul Enenche and I know that he is a great man. I have seen God honour me but that’s a father in the faith, God has lifted him. I will not sit down and begin to compare my ministry and his own, it will be stupidity of the highest order. He’s older than me, God has honoured and lifted him.

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“I remember his head of protocol was communicating with Victor and he was excited about my being around. He’s heard about me and he wanted me to be there, at the venue. Dr Paul Enenche was also going to minister at the same crusade as I was. The night I went there, the power of God was awesome and I knew that the people respect me. They respect me so much and if I came there together with Dr Paul Enenche, they would want to honour Dr Paul Enenche but would not want to dishonour me. So they would want to create the same platform for both of us and I reject it, I said I am not going.

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“They tried to convince me but I said no. Let the man of God receive the honour due to him and we will come in the evening to finish the meeting. Many of you (now talking to the congregation) will not do that, because you are looking for a platform.

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