This Is One Attribute Of Satan That Believers Must Study & Learn From – Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals

According to Apostle Johnson Sulemanwhule preaching, he stressed on the need for believers to study and understand a very distinct attribute about Satan. The attribute is doggedness. As shared by the cleric, he has not called it an advantage for whoever would consider this attribute, but they rather should be seen as elements of attributes.

Satan does not tire out when it comes to plaguing the human race. The cleric set an example when he came to tempt Jesus Christ in Mathew 4, the Bible says, after he had tempted Him and failed, he left him for a season. Satan does not relent in his evil antics against the human race, when he suffers defeat once, he goes to prepare himself to launch a counterattack. 

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"If devil was powerful enough, he would have successfully killed him and some other prominent men of God in the nation" — Pastor Paul Eneche

This relentlessness and doggedness believers must study to understand that, your perseverance and doggedness could give you victory and assure you of success. The more you are dogged before God, the more you tend to be successful in your efforts.

Apostle Johnson Suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman

The cleric has also stressed in respect of the elements of the doggedness of Satan that, he does not give up. He does not tire out in his efforts to achieve his evil intentions. Christianity is not for those that give up easily. Since Satan, your arch-enemy does not give up not relent in his efforts to destroy you, why must you give up easily to his attacks.?Keep on moving up with power and relentlessness. You will prevail in the end.

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