“This is The Biggest Enemy of Marriage” – Pastor Mildred Okonkwo Reveals

Marriage counselor and Co-pastor of David Christian Centre Pastor Mildred Okonkwo has revealed the biggest enemy of marriage.

She said,

The biggest enemy of Marriage is selfishness. Anytime people come to me for counseling, what I always hear them say is, she doesn’t do this for me, I don’t like the way he treat me and my family, so most times I sit down there thinking what have you done for him, what have you done for her, why do you also feel that this marriage revolves around only you.

Whatever you are seeing now in marriage has always been there, but some were not sensible to discover it, while some discover it but they thought it could change in marriage.

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Marriage is about going into serving another person, so you made the choice to serve, so why are you complaining.

Too many people today are messing up marriage, and if you know that within you, you cannot condone everything that goes in marriage, please I advise you to stay single.

Marriage is not for everyone as Jesus said because it is not everybody that is matured to live a married life because it requires a certain attitude and grace but if you are capable of growing into the largeness of marriage, you can go into it.

Marriage will stretch your character, God expect that in that home where you find yourself, you should practice the actual Christianity.

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Christianity is not all about praying for 17hours a day, yet you cannot say the word “Am sorry”. There are things we consider spirituality but the are not. You claim you are a prayer warrior, a bible study giant, but there is no kindness in you, there is tenderness in you , you go into the place of prayer and still come out even worst.

Spirituality means nothing if it does not make you more like Christ, it must change your nature and make people want to know what you are doing.

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