This is the percentage of people who do not bring their Bible to church – Evang Gospel Agochukwu advises pastors to do this

The Bible is the most important tool of Christian worship. It is the word of God, in which the believers consult for worship and spiritual reference. The tenets of faith and doctrinal values that holds Christianity together are all contained in the Bible. It is through the Bible that most sermons and spiritual teachings are sourced. As such, the Bible must always be with a believer at all times. In respect of this, Church Gist has shared one of Evangelist Dr Gospel Agochukwu’s teachings on the importance of the word of God in the Bible. To confirm the level with which some believers, most especially the young folks, do not take the Bible seriously, the cleric has advised ministers of God to try a test with their members during services—that those who have their Bible with them in the church should raise it. They would be surprised that, not up to 40 Percent of their members would be able to do so. Few members do bring their Bible to church.

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According to church Gist, the cleric affirmed that people would be surprised that, not up to 40 per cent of the members would be able to raise their Bibles, most especially the young folks. A lot of things had taken over the passion for closeness to God in the life of some of the members that come to church. Not every one of them is devoted to the things of God, most especially personal study of the word of God. The cleric also advised the men of God to implore their members to be Bible readers, in that their life would be a good example to the unbelievers that watch their activities.

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As shared by Church Gist, the cleric also implores the men of God to encourage purity among their members. Bible reading and adherence to the tenets of the word of God would establish a good life in a believer. Members should mind the way they live because they are the people who those that do not attend church study to see if their lives had up to the examples laid down by Jesus Christ. The evidence of salvation and good life in a believer is always obvious. This the unbelievers watch out for to access who and who they would listen to during evangelism.

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