This Is The Reason Why A Man Can Marry Three Wives And Still Cheat On Them – Pastor Kingsley Reveals

Pastor Kingsley posted a video on his Instagram handle where he titled the message “The truth about marrying more than one person”. Pastor said there is a saying that one woman can’t meet a man’s sexual need and it’s still the same that one man can’t meet all of a woman’s emotional need.

Pastor Kingsley said a woman is created to be Versatile, Emotional, and demanding. It take a very rich man to carter for a woman’s financial needs because she demands at every point. 

He said women go through alot emotionally in which men don’t even have time to figure out because men’s thought is all about how to get money. A woman will still remain in her husband house despite the fact that all her needs can’t be met.

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He Further said, a man can marry three wives and still continue to cheat on them because it is more of character issue than satisfaction issue. In any relationship or marriage, you need to be self discipline and contented with what God has given you in order to enjoy your marriage.

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