This Is The Wisest Thing A Man Can Do – Pastor Kumuyi Reveals

Pastor Kumuyi while preaching reveals the wisest thing a man can do. According to him, he said, “The wisest thing a man can do is to say ‘yes lord I reciprocate you”.

To reciprocate means a mutual or equivalent exchange or a paying back of what one has received (as in “We appreciate you hosting us and we will reciprocate you for your kindness”). The word comes from Latin reciprocal, meaning “returning the same way.”

Therefore to reciprocate Christ is to show his loving nature and to live a sinless life. In this regard, every follower of Jesus Christ who wants to overcome trials and temptations must devote themselves to the study of God’s Word and know what it means to follow and obey him. Because, devotion, shows the primary means by which he has revealed himself to us through his love.

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