This Is this the reason Why Some People forget God The Moment They Begin To Excel In Life – Apostle Mike Orokpo Reveals

While preaching to his members about Kingdom Influence in a video posted on social media, Apostle Michael Orokpo, made clarifications on why people forget God the moment they begin to excel in life.

He started by saying that it is not good for a person’s wealth to overshadow his love for God because the person may drift into idolatry. Similarly, the amount of good life you have and enjoy should be commensurate with the knowledge of God in you. By so doing, you have given room for spirituality to dominate and control carnality, and that is the will of God.

Speaking on why many people forget God the moment they begin to excel in life, he said they allowed wealth to dominate the spiritual aspects of their lives which translates to loving God and doing His will. As a result, they feel they have everything they need and that they don’t need God anymore. He said they will receive the reward of the Rich Fool as recorded in Luke 16.

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When you call such people to partake in the things of God, they see it as a waste of time. It sounds like rubbish to them because their attention is on acquiring physical assets like lands and cars, forgetting that it was God that lifted them. “They don’t know that spiritual assets are more useful than physical assets”, he concluded.

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