This Is What God Told Me About Ministries With Large Crowds – Apostle Joel Ogebe

Apostle Joel Ogebe, in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about what God told him about ministries with large crowds.

In the Video, he said that when you see a few men of God in a city parking the auditoriums with people and their crowds are overflowing, it is not a sign that the kingdom is prevailing, but it is a sign that functionaries and disciples are lacking. You will think that it is a sign that the kingdom is moving but in God’s heart, it is a sign that functionaries are lacking. That is why 10,000 people will gather with one man because there are no teaching priests.

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According to him, it is not a sign that the ministry is growing but that the labourers are few. When Jesus Christ saw the same thing as a great multitude followed him, he didn’t say that his ministry was growing instead, he lamented and said that the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. That was what God told him and he said that God does not see what human being sees. He just obtained mercy to be able to hear the voice of God.

Speaking for that he said that if the labourers are not few, 10,000 men will not cuddle around one man, there will be teachers everywhere. Also, there will be house fellowships because at every point you are seeing people that are mature in God and are able to disciple a man. He said that one will come into the fullness, gifts and manifestations will continue until will come into the fullness of stature and the image of God.

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