This Is What I Did With Kenneth Copeland Book, That Made Me Gain A Command Of Wealth – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

The General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo spoke to his members at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle Encounter with Destiny Service.

According to Church Gist, he revealed that he read Kenneth Copeland’s book four times until he went on a fast for three days and then light broke out and he gained command of wealth. He said that so all these saying I am believing God is not too rigid. You have to get to the point where you believe and that not you are believing. “I stepped into supernatural financial fortune without a dime in my hand by light,” he said.

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“Thou shall take this rod in thy hand..” so it’s not the rod you hear, it’s not the rod you see, it’s the rod you handle,” he continued. He said that you need to get to a point where you handle the rod of command. He said that when he says one billion demons can’t stand in his way, he knows what he is talking about because he has the rod in his hand. “When I say all occultic powers put together cannot stop me, ask them if they know I have the rod,” he said.

Finally, he said that when you find books been recommended, they are recommended so you find a rod that puts you in command in that area. He claimed that his rod of command on principalities came through the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth. He said that he never met him, he had gone to heaven before he came to know what ministry is all about but through his ministry, the Lord put him in command in that area.

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