This Is What Will Happen To Those Who Died Without Hearing The Gospel Of Christ – Apostle Joshua Selman reveals

While preaching to the congregation in the programme captioned “Supernatural Conference”, organised by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Champions Cathedral, Warri, Apostle Joshua Selman made clarifications on whether God will send people who died without hearing the gospel to hell.

In the video, Apostle Selman said: “What happens to those who died without hearing the gospel? Will God send them to hell? The answer is no. There is a system of judgement for them, based on the scripture. The verdict of condemnation is only released upon your life at the instance of your hearing and rejecting Jesus.

“When you read your Bible, you will see that when Jesus went to hades (the place of the dead), He preached to the departed souls, some of them never heard the gospel. This allowed them to march on with Jesus as they believed. Indeed, the soul that sins shall be condemned to hell, but those who died without hearing the gospel will be judged differently”.

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