This Is What You Are If Your Past Excites You More Than Your Future – Apostle Joshua Iginla Blows Hot

Joshua Iginla, the founder and senior pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly spoke to his members about the need to abandon the past and embrace the future.

He said that when your past excites you more than your future, then you are a slave because real leaders are not inspired by their past, their future inspires them because they know that their tomorrow will be greater than their today. He said that when your yesterday becomes better than your today, then there is no reason to live. “I am alive because my future is better than yesterday,” he said.

He claimed that he is excited to run the race in front of him because the blueprints in front of him show him that if he follows he will outshine all the days he has ever lived. He said that telling him to become what he used to be and not to change is telling him that he’s already dead. He said that if you are a human being, you are subject to change. Go and check some of your old pictures, you’d realize that you are naturally and biologically changing. “Why is your body changing and you are not mentally changing?” he asked.

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Source: Opera News

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