This IS Why A Lot Of Believers Are Off Key In Their Lives And Ministry – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals


Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel Church has delivered a message on why some believers are not in tune with the dictates of God in their lives and ministry.

As shared by Church Gist, the cleric has revealed why so many believers are (in his definitions), “off key”. As stressed by the cleric in his words, he has revealed thus; they just don’t seem to be part of the kingdom and nothing is happening in their life. 

This is because some believers are wholly dependent on God for everything, even up to those things they can as well do or get for themselves. The cleric in his words has stressed that faith that seeks to make God responsible for the outcome of our lives is irresponsible.

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According to the cleric, a believer is expected to be up and going. You must not leave all the responsibilities to God alone. There are areas where you are supposed to be proactively involved with your life and leave the blessings to God. In his words, the cleric has revealed that Sitting down, and not doing anything makes people rot away. Doing the right thing is the gateway to your next level. If you key at it, you keep would keep progressing and changing levels

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