“This is Why Christians Are Mostly Victims of Divorce And Separation” – Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals

Founder of mount zion movies Mike Bamiloye has disclosed why Christians are mostly victims of divorce and separation.

According to him, he first of all noted the increase of divorce and separation in the society today.

Then he went further to give the reason why Christians are mostly the victim of divorce and separation despite having love and understanding.

Mike Bamiloye stated that Satan hates marriage and any home that has passion. That means that, challenges and temptation comes to a family that have compassion for themselves.

He also said that Satan will definitely attack a home if he is giving an opportunity to do so. That means when there is slightest chance or weakness in the family he will come to invade quickly.

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Lastly, he advised Christians to guide their marriage with all Goldy jealousy because the bible describe Satan as roaring Lion seeking for whom to devour.

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