This Is Why Every Believer Should Be Rich – Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals The Importance Of Money In Service To God

Money is very important in the life of human beings. It is a means of exchange that has brought good life to so many people across the world. However, the Bible has rightly affirmed that, the love of money is the root of all evil. The Bible here clarifies the incessant quest to make money at all cost as the evil part of the live of money. Money in itself is a very good entity, that everyone need to make ends meet. In this respect, Ndepo Tv has shared a message delivered by Apostle Joshua Selman of Koinonia Ministry in that, believers need money, so that they can have time to serve God. Once the issue of money is solved in the life of a believer, serving God would be very easy and undeterred.

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According to Ndepo Tv, as shared by the cleric, many desired to work relentlessly for God but are being held back as a result of their impoverished state. It takes time to seek God. It takes time to teach the children the things of God.There are so much distraction in our world today that cannot lock yourself up for two or three days to seek the face of GOD because there are bills to settle in the house and other areas. The cleric also stressed that, whoever leaves his duties as a family person, with responsibilities to attend to, for the things of God, the society would call such a person irresponsible. No matter how you see yourself as a passionate believer, the responsibilities are there to settle.

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Many sincere people that started very well In in their ministries, thiose who love God with all their hearts, today, some of them are no longer in the ministry because the need and the cares of life has strangled away their passion for GOD. The major reasons for this is that, they have been unable to achieve all what could have made them e joy the ministry and their Christian life without any stress. That is in the areas of capital and enough money to see them through.

Once the Lord has blessed a believer with enough wealth to cater for him and his immediate family, it would be very easy to serve the Lord. The time to hustle for money and leave the things of God behind would not be the case because, the money being sought has been provided.

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