This is why i Vowed Never To Approach Anything With Common Sense – Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke on Understanding The Fundamentals Of Success – The Wisdom Factor at Midweek Communion Service.

He revealed that when the Lord called him into ministry and he knew that he knew nothing about ministry, he went about preaching. He didn’t know ministry so he asked Him for wisdom consistently and demanded it tirelessly. Well, the light showed was “study those that are ahead of you, avoid their mistakes, tow their lines of success and you will have no problem”.

He said that he studied 39 biographies of vibrant ministries across centuries. He learned a lot and his empty system came alive. He then advised them to wake up because they don’t wait for wisdom, they demand for it and He leads them in the way to get it. He said that he read 8 books on marriage before getting married.

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Speaking further he said, “I have vowed in my little life not to approach anything on common sense because common sense. He said that he has not had to take his family matter to any prayer point. When the lockdown came in 2020, he said that he asked the Lord what is the way forward because his own outreaches require that people gather. The Lord showed him those who are in their Outreach Office who are helping to connect with their new converts. The Lord said he should fire them up and put them on the streets.

Finally, he said that there is no law under heaven that says you can’t talk to somebody else. They tormented the devil as they had 61,000 souls saved that year. He said that the church is one place where they humiliated the devil. No one came here for a meeting and they returned that he had COVID-19. They came from all over the world and they returned well.

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