This Is Why People Find It Hard That I Opened A Restaurant That Shares Free Food – Apostle Johnson Suleman

As shared by the cleric, if a person is addicted to poverty s/he would always be suspicious of prosperity. The poverty mentality is a very bad and demeaning state. The cleric has also revealed in his words that, if you give an impoverished person who has not seen a 50,000 Naira, the amount of 100,000, he would think it is ritual.

The cleric has also buttressed this by sharing a personal experience of what he has heard from some people about a programme he organized in his ministry. 

He has organized a daily free food for the less privileged and some people have started to think the cleric might have been diabolical about it. This cleric has also stressed that impoverished people would find it very difficult to believe what he has been doing in his ministry.

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