This Is Why Prayer And Fasting Is More Important For Church Growth Than The Advancement Of Science And Technology – Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo is the presiding Bishop of the Winners Chapel Church. According to the cleric, as shared by Church Gist, he has delivered a sermon in respect of the essence of prayer and fasting in Christianity, which is more than any advancement in technology and social media services. The cleric has reiterated that all the software or technology for church growth will not work without prayer and fasting.

As shared by Church Gist, the cleric has delved into the issue of online prayer that is en vogue nowadays. He has specifically mentioned the prayer chain, being organized by some people. Some, despite that the prayer chain is ongoing, are deceiving themselves. The prayers might be going on but, they are online, scrolling their phones and claiming millions of people are connected in the prayers, while they are not doing the prayers. Some are even fast asleep, snoring.

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The cleric has not condemned the online prayer activities but in his words, as shared by Church Gist, he has stressed what they have seen by grace these days in the ministry. The series of advancement and development being experienced In the cause of the ministry is a result of the grace to stand in prayer and not look back that came upon the church. According to the cleric, all church growth in bible history had prayer as the driving force. They have not removed the ancient landmark that their forefathers in the faith have set hence, grace has enveloped them as a result of their obedience in maintaining the raw values of the doctrine by the clerics of then.

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The cleric has also advised the new breed of believers that, every praying church is a growing church and every growing church must remain a praying church to keep growing. Whatever can not stop the church from praying can not stop the church from growing. Prayer is what births the move of God and it is what keeps the move.

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