This Is Why You Should Not Assume That God Is Aware Of Your Plans – Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals

The Nigerian clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman, revealed in an uploaded video on Facebook a few minutes ago why you should not assume God is aware of your plan.

Apostle Suleman said ” Don’t just assume God is aware of your plans; actively involve him. You must be deliberate and intentional in committing your life affairs to God. ” 

He said the way God operates in the realm of the spirits, even though God is aware, if you don’t invite him, he’s not committed to that battle and problem you have. He affirmed the statement in Daniel 10:12—where Daniel prayed and God told him he heard his word and he came.

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Suleman said also that God is not committed to what he has not commanded. He said, “Until you make a declaration, God is not involved.” He stated that some people will say, “God, you know I need a child,” to which he replied, “Have you mentioned the problem to me?”

He gave an example of blind Bartholomew. He said, “Jesus asked him what he wanted him to do for him.” Apostle Suleman said he asked why Jesus still asked him since he was blind. He said the Holy Spirit told him that many don’t know what they want.

He finally said, “You have to declare what you want from God for him to do.”

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