This Was The Number Of Days It Took Me To Fight Poverty – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals

Nigerian clergyman, Pastor Ibiyeomie, founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministry, has in a video uploaded to his Facebook verified account a few hours ago, disclosed why he told his wife in 1997 with 50 naira in his pocket that he would never be poor.

The cleric, when he was addressing his congregation about the efficacy of God’s word, how it contains answers to every challenges in life, recounts what he told his wife in 1997, with just 50 naira in his pocket.

Pastor Ibiyeomie shared his experience of how it took him 7 days to fight out of poverty and, according to him, in the space of those 7 days, he fasted, meditated on God’s word (Bible), read the book by Gloria Copeland and his mentor’s book (David Oyedepo), and when he was out of the retreat, he discovered that he would never be poor again.

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He said the encounter he had assured him that in any country in the world he stays, he can prosper no matter what, and the confidence led him to tell his wife, with just 50 naira in his pocket, to say to her, “I can never be poor in my life.”

Pastor Ibiyeomie disclosed that his seven-day retreat was not in search of a breakthrough but in search for light. He said, “It is not the day you get money that you become rich, it is the day you get revelation.”

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