This Was What Made Joseph the Prime Minister Of Egypt And Not His Dream- David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries spoke to his members about how to use their minds properly in a message titled, “Put Your Mind To Work.” According to him, the first way is to possess a possibility mindset.

According to Church Gist, he revealed that all things are possible to him that believeth (Mark 9:23). It’s not to them, it’s not a collective thing, it’s individualistic. He said that you don’t borrow somebody’s brain as you’ll have to think for yourself if you can believe. According to him, every problem has a solution. Whether social problems, economic problems, personal problems, professional problems, educational problems, or scientific problems, they all have solutions.

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Speaking further, he said that once your mind can conceive a solution to that challenge, it’s solvable. Your mind is the battleground where every challenge, every battle is either won or lost. That’s why the Bible says to guide your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23. He said that all great inventors are men who saw possibilities in their ideas. Possibility thinking is a must for you to have outstanding results.

He then advised that you always think multidimensional. For instance, in the Bible, Jacob was frustrated by Laban, his father-in-law and in Genesis 30, he began to think, and from thinking, he was able to defeat Laban. He said that people think that Joseph becoming the Prime Minister was by his dream but If it was only a dream, he wouldn’t have been a prime minister. He said that it was his mind that took him to be a prime minister when he interpreted the dream and told them what will happen and proffered a solution.

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Pharaoh said there is nobody as wise and discrete as he is and he asked his servants, “can we find one who is as wise as this, a man of whom is the Spirit of God?” Joseph was wise not just by interpreting dreams. He was a slave, an ex-convict, everything was against him, and Pharaoh did not even ask him who is your father. “They don’t ask wise people who is your father? What is your CV? He didn’t ask him where is his CV,” he said. He was in his position before Pharaoh knew his father.

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