This Was Why Jesus Still Went Ahead To make Peter the head of the church even after denying Him – Pastor Fatoyinbo Reveals

The lead pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo spoke to his members on ‘Divine Restoration’ The Days Of His Power” at Midweek Worship Service.

He said that when Mary saw Jesus Christ had been resurrected, Jesus said to Mary, “go and tell my Disciples and Peter”. He would have just said, ‘go and tell the Disciples’ because Peter was a disciple. But why did he do that? According to him, Jesus knew that, if He said go and call the disciples and they got there and called the disciples, Peter will not come because he knew the last look with which Peter looked at Him when he denied Him.

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Even at that, when they were running, John, who was a cool guy, outran peter. Because he could not go and see Jesus; he was not excited about the resurrected Jesus, as his righteousness has been damaged. That was why Jesus had appeared to him in John 21, ‘you denied me three times. He made him confess Him back three times and assured Him and He handed over His Ministry to him. Everybody was shocked.

Therefore why did Jesus make Peter the head of the church even after denying Him? The cleric revealed that leadership was in Peter, that was why the devil came for him. Satan thought that if he can get Peter, he would be able to get the other disciples. He said that all humans see is now, but Jesus knows the past, He knows the present, He knows the future. Jesus already knew what was planned for Peter that is why His disposition is different from ours because all you are seeing is what has happened.

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‘Peter, Simon, Satan has asked for you, but I have prayed for you, I saw you, because of my Grace and my understanding, I will not let you go, Satan will not pluck anyone from my hand,’ Jesus told him earlier.

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