Three Characteristics That Make A Man Marryable

Three Characteristics That Make A Man Marryable

Three qualities that a Man must possess to be a Good Match

In Genesis 2:18, the Lord God said that it was not desirable for the man to be left alone and promised to provide him with a suitable helper.
The Man: Who is He?

The man is a masculine human who has discovered his calling, task, and/or purpose and is carrying out his task in accordance with God. He is someone who is working in his assigned area and has known it. Furthermore, The Guy is a whole man who understands his identity, calling, and purpose. For the woman, he is “the man.” So, until he becomes The Man, a man is still a man.

So until he is “The Man”, a man is not supposed to have a helpmeet [woman]. What exactly makes him “The Man”?

What Makes a Man a Man?

1. Placement: A person must have recognized their place in life in order to be The Man. “Placement” refers to your assigned location in this context. The place God has chosen for you to be is referred to as your “location of assignment.” It could also refer to the area of responsibility God has given you, such as your assigned location.

Three Characteristics That Make A Man Marryable

You must have known your place in life—a place where you can function—to be eligible to be called The Man. For instance, it states in Genesis 2:8:

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The Man he had created was placed in the garden that the Lord God had planted in Eden, to the east.
The man has a physical location where he can work. The-Man also remains by himself. “Stay alone” means that the speaker has left the parental home or control and is now in his own residence. He might lease it or own it.

A guy cannot be The Man and, hence, cannot have a helpmeet until he has moved out of his parents’ home. Another example is taken from Genesis 2:24, which states:

Therefore, “a Man [the Man] shall cleave unto his Wife, and they shall be one flesh,” leaving his Father and Mother behind.

Three Characteristics That Make A Man Marryable

2. ASSIGNMENT: Every man has a task to complete during his time on Earth, and until you comprehend it, you have not found your place in the world.

A man is complete when he has identified both his mission and/or life’s purpose, in addition to his place in the world. He’s the man because he knows it and does it. Here is what it says:

Genesis 2:15 states, “And the Lord God took the man and set him in the Garden of Eden to keep it and dress it.”

Adam’s responsibility was to maintain and tend to the garden. You also have a task. Do you know about it? Your life’s purpose is connected to your task. Jesus the Christ was a man with a mission, and He was aware of His goal. According to Luke 4:43

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However, he told them that since this was the reason for my sending, I must also proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God in other communities.Do you also understand your goal?

The man is a person who has identified his or her raison d’être and is living in accordance with it.

3. OBEDIENCE: To complete a task, one must be obedient. To achieve a goal, obedience is also necessary. The apostle Paul said in Acts 26:19:

So, O King Agrippa, I did not disobey the vision from heaven.
He was willing to carry out his assignment because he was aware of it. The “Complete Man” is walking in obedience to carry out his mission and has knowledge of both his station and that task. One who lives to fulfill God’s purpose for his life is known as “The Man” (Jeremiah 1:5).

The three things on the list are requirements for being the man. As you read the first verse, you’ll see that God’s words in verse 18 come after verses 8 and 15.

“….It is undesirable for the man to be alone; therefore, I will arrange for assistance for him.
It indicates that Adam had satisfied the requirements to be the man. He was moving in obedience to carry out his placement and assignment since he knew what they were. He was prepared to have a meeting at this time.

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A man does not yet qualify to be The-Man unless he knows his Placement, Assignment, and is walking in Obedience to God and the Assignment given to him. Therefore, I’m not prepared for a helpmeet.At this point, any woman he marries will only be a woman and not a helpmeet.

At this point, getting married to a woman is risky because he might abuse her. Unaware of his role, a guy may not understand the value of having a wife and may mistreat her.

Three Characteristics That Make A Man Marryable

Knowing the woman requires knowing the man. Finding a whole woman requires a complete man. It takes The Man, who is aware of his mission, to spot his helper when he comes across her. Because he has recognized himself (his placement and assignment), he can identify her. He anticipates the arrival of the woman who will become his wife and is ready to identify her when he does.

In conclusion, the woman who is a helpmeet will recognize the man with the assignment since she is aware that she is going to assist him in finishing it. A woman who does not understand your position and purpose in life is probably not the right match for you.

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