“Till I Go To Heaven, You Will Never Hear Me Say This” – Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals

I was an avowed student of Paul Yonggi Cho since 1985 learning the act of church growth. We needed to see cell growth, so we went through his book titled Building Successful Home Cells. 

Church growth and cell growth are not the same. They look so close but they are not the same. We went down to learning from our members who were successful cell growers and cell replicators. Through that knowledge, Jesus gave us 21,000 cells in our year. 

Learn! People just sit down somewhere waiting for something to happen. At His feet, I will only build my church, not your church. So you never hear from my mouth till I go to heaven “my church”. I will build my church, you will build your own. Not by saying it but also by acting on it. 

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I operate here like an employee, an employer won’t work the way I work. I am working under Him in His business. I have said many times that somebody sent me a seed of one million naira in 1996 and said “for the work of the ministry”. My accountant said Sir it is for you because he wrote my name on the cheque, I said let me see the letter. 

It is for the work of ministry, I am a worker in the ministry, I am not the ministry. It was endorsed to the church. It is not by mouth, it is by practice. It is not my church, it can never be my church. The owner never dies. Those are the things behind the scene that make mighty things work. Please learn. I read virtually all the books that Hagin wrote. 

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Maybe he wrote some I didn’t see but all I saw I read and I am still referencing them now. He is my mentor in the school of faith. Yonggi Cho, gone to be with the Lord is also my mentor in the area of church growth and cell replication. That is His special area. 

If you don’t learn, you will be left behind. You stir it by learning, not carrying your Bible up and down. Not buying books and lining them up on your shelf and taking photographs of them. You can’t even remember all the titles. I just got all the books by Papa. Congratulations!  Something is changing. 

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