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Tips On how Young Ministers Can Succeed In Ministry – Kumuyi

One overriding concerns in the hearts of young ministers just starting out in ministry is how to succeed.

Many with the mind of the Spirit of God may have realized that Pastor W.F Kumuyi exemplifies the life style and success young ministers desire in ministry.

Kumuyi by this article gives young ministers desirable tips on how to achieve success in ministry.

Since ministry is all about winning souls and establishing them in the kingdom of God,Kumuyi said the first experience everyone desiring to venture into ministry must have to qualify for ministry is the new birth experience or what the Bible also refers to as salvation or conversion.

In his own words, Kumuyi said:

“The believer that seeks to win souls for Him must himself be thoroughly converted… Jesus said to Peter”… when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren”(Luke 22:32).lt takes a person rescued from a sinking boat to help those still sinking. Therefore,he must have turned away from all sin, worldliness and selfishness with his whole heart yielding to the Lord Jesus.”

Secondly, the young ministers must thirst after a life of holiness.

Kumuyi said:

“A pure life has great power and influence to want to make others want to hear the gospel and get saved.”

Citing his own example,he has this to say:

“I thank God for all the outstanding miracles and healings that have taken place in my ministry,but all who know me know that holiness is one thing l extol above all things”

Thirdly young ministers that want success in ministry must be ready to give quality time to studying of the Bible and prayers.

According to Kumuyi:

“How can you overcome if we are not familiar with God’s word? The word of God is the strength of the believer’s life.lf we neglect the word of God,we are neglecting the backbone of our spiritual life… The believer that is bringing men to Christ must be a student of the Bible. The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17) that God uses to convict the sinner to produce true spiritual transformation”.

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He therefore gives this counsel to young ministers:

“All .. the knowledge… and things you need to be successful and profitable to people are in the word of God.Close yourself in with the word of God,chew the word, digest the word, close your mind to every other thing and walk by faith in the word of God.You will be a giant in one year”

Continuing Kumuyi said:

“The soul winner (pastor and preacher) must also be a man of prayer knowing well the lost cannot be won by human effort but through the agency of intercessory prayer which is able to destroy the blindfolds of the devil and make the light of the gospel shine into the inner recesses of the heart of the unsaved, resulting in their conversation”

Young pastors and preachers must also make out time to regularly refresh themselves by withdrawing from all preaching to spend personal time in prayer and ministering to the Lord.

Kumuyi said it this way:

“Our human nature makes us place priority on ministering, preaching and praying for people at the expense of personal revival.But in the wisdom of God, there are times He wants us to leave ministerial engagement and concentrate on worshipping the Lord and ministering to Him.. and spend time in His presence…lt is often difficult for us to stop every activity and come to the presence of the Lord for personal revival and renewal… That is why many of us do not have power”.

Citing his own example Kumuyi added:

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“Although l am an extremely busy as a minister,l make sure l spend much time in Bible studies,prayers and personal fellowship with God.Often times l just desire to get away from activities, and bury myself in prayers, devotion, worship and indept Bible study”

He said the power of the Holy Spirit is indispensable to success in ministry.

Kumuyi said:

“If there is one truth that needs to be taken seriously, fervently prayed about and experienced by leaders (pastor and preachers),it is the Spirit empowerment.This is because the…ministry requires Spirit-filled and proven Christian leaders..With the Spirit of God in…a minister,his possibilities are unlimited.He can accomplish great things for God and soar to higher height for His glory”.

Citing his own example Kumuyi added:

“When the Holy Ghost..came upon me…l was totally different..l was preaching before l got the Holy Ghost but my preaching changed…l became a different person”.

Kumuyi also speak of the requirements of hard work and focus if young ministers hope to succeed.

In his own words, Kumuyi said:

“It is wishful thinking to feel that without some personal efforts on our parts,we can always succeed as long as God willed our success in life”

Citing his own example,he said:

“I love activities myself.l take part in many programmes…l preach several times a week and travel across the world preaching the gospel.l spend hours poring over the Bible.l spend hours praying.l read for hours on end.l do all these in order to do quality work”

Speaking about focus,he admonishes young ministers thus:

“Focus is missing in the life of many people.When you have known what the Lord wants you to be doing, you set your face like a flint”.

According to Kumuyi,he says he is focused on his job.

Kumuyi said:

“Before the Lord called me, every thing about me was Mathematics.Then the Lord showed me a vision.l saw a large crowd and l was ministering to the big crowd… Immediately l gave up everything about Mathematics and the vision became my focus.This focus is what had made us get to countries in Africa and some others beyond Africa..l never allowed myself to be swayed or distracted.”

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He advised thus:

“My brother,l challenge you to have an eagle’s focus.What do you want to spend the rest of your life for.You cannot do everything.. Focus on the most important objectives.. and courteously put off distractions”

If there are no immediate result from your efforts, Kumuyi said:

“When the number of souls saved do not measure up to the soul-winning efforts put in, discouragement inspired by the devil may arise.But at such times,a real soul winner (pastor or preacher) refuses to give in to discouragement.Rather,he continues to readily give his time, talents and resources to the cause of witnessing for Christ.The soul winner (pastor or preacher) never feels offended or provoked”

Young preachers must learn to be faithful to the Lord in preaching the totality of God’s truth if they hope to receive the backing and support of the Lord.

According to Kumuyi:

“We must be faithful to the Lord, for so the Bible says:”Moreover it is required in stewards ,that a man be found faithful (1 Corinthians 4:2).Be faithful in doctrine–teaching the truth the New Testament has given to us”

Citing his own experience, Kumuyi said:

“By the grace of God we’ve been faithful to word of God. The result has been the blessing of the Lord on the work here in Nigeria and in various countries of Africa and beyond”.

Concluding,he said,”lt is the same thing l am calling and challenging you to.l pray you will be faithful in Jesus name.”

Thanks for reading this piece.

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