Two Ways By Which You Can Force Heaven To Open Upon Your Finances – Bishop Oyedepo

According to Church Gist, he revealed that Obedience is what empowers believers to be in command of the supernatural. In Mark 16:15-20, Jesus sent his disciples to preach the word and they went, he followed them with signs confirming the word. That is how to command the supernatural. He said that you can’t use confession to open the windows of heaven financially, you use tithe and kingdom promotion investment to force it open. Those are the two ways to see the windows of heaven open.

According to him, there is no Papa that can pray for you without that and the windows of heaven will open. To enjoy health and vitality, be a fruit-bearing believer, he will keep you supernaturally fit. He said that one of them was undergoing health challenges and He said “God, I can’t accommodate sickness because of this reason – I am one of your few labourers”. God said “Don’t be angry” and rooted out that sickness from him. They are the things that God confirms into signs and wonders. Daniel 12:3.

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How do you get your star to shine? He advised that you go after souls and then you emerge a star that shines forever and ever. John 4:36. He said that those are the things that put a believer in charge of signs and wonders. It is not praying and breaking your head, it is praying to align with the word so you can be in command of signs and wonders. Every child of God is redeemed to command the supernatural. Isaiah 8:18. Jesus came as a sign with the power to refuse evil and choose the good in the affairs of his life.

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Finally, he said that we are not just redeemed as signs but to gain command of signs, we must have the rod in our hands. We must align with the instructions of the word and then we are in command of signs and wonders in our word. On the mount of temptation, Jesus pulled out the rod to knock the devil. Matthew 4:4. He then said that we need the word in our hands to refuse evil and choose the good. To have it the way you want it all the time. That’s the realm you are entering into right now.

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