Victoria Osteen – Build People Up With Your Words (Video)

Today we present you a message from Pastor Victoria Osteen titled “Build People Up With Your Words”. 

She starts the message with telling us that today we have to be bucket fillers, What is a bucket filler? is someone who is willing to make deposits, positive deposits in the life of other people not only with their words but with their actions, it is also someone who is willing to give.

There’s too many bucket dippers in the this world, What is bucket dipper? is someone who dips out of the emotional bank of others with harsh words and criticism, someone who dips out of the life of other people.

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Bucket dippers don’t even realize that they’re depleting their own bucket. When you fill other people bucket you have your bucket filled.

We have to be bucket fillers, we have tremendous power and influence with our words.

Ephesians 4vs29 “Let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up”, for benefiting the hearer, for extending grace to those other people , for building people up.

It starts with us, we can be the builders, we can be the one to turn this thing around. because we have God on the inside of us,

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We have to make a decision that we’re going to be builders, not only can we build people with words, we can find the best in them and bring it out.

Our words can literally be the glue that holds our relationships together?  It can literally bind us together when we speak positive, faith-filled words over one another. When we are willing to pick out the good and not see the bad.  Most times it is easy to see what is wrong but it takes a builder to see what is right.

We are a builder today because too often we are unconscious about literally what we are doing throughout the day, we should go out today and say “I am a builder of people”. Because when we build people we build ourselves.

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