Walking in the love of God is Difficult on the flesh – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Are you one of the people who answers an altar call every Sunday? Or perhaps you’re always asking for mercy because you are always sinning? I can understand the frustrations you might feel because if you are truly born again, your desire would be to obey the Lord.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has revealed why walking in the love of God is hard. He said that our natural instincts are totally opposed to the laws of God, so it would be hard on our flesh. Imagine you are in a stampede, and everyone is moving forward. Imagine you realize that the direction where everyone is headed is the wrong direction; would it be easy for you to turn back when everyone is going forward? I guess that’s how difficult it is for the flesh to obey God.

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Pastor Matthew encouraged his followers that in spite of the difficulties we encounter when we try to obey God, we should do so because it will open doors in strange places for the Holy Spirit to work in you.

Jesus said that if you love him, you would keep his commandments. Paul also revealed that if you love God, nobody has seen or heard what God has prepared for you. I believe that is the doors in strange places that the Holy Spirit will open to you if you walk in the love of God.

If you’re finding it difficult, then ask the Holy Spirit for help. You see, the Bible says in 2 Corinthians, that God’s grace shows up best in weakness. He is ready to help you. Be blessed.

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